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Travelers' Stories: Testimonials About Previous Hopi Trips
Hopi Petroglyphs

My gratitude goes to Carla for her work in uniting ancient cultural traditions and sharing those traditions with interested persons from the Western world. I was honored to be so warmly welcomed by our Hopi hosts. What we experienced in a few days was immense. The energy of the group and the spirit of Hopi will sustain me for a good while. This opportunity to see sacred dances and landscape, and to appreciate the spiritual focus of Hopi life has shifted my priorities and perception. The coming together of indigenous and western ways has expanded me in a manner yet to be discovered.

Linda Sohner
Columbus, Ohio

Words cannot describe the preciousness of what the Hopi trip meant to me. I'm still in awe thinking about all that I saw and experienced. I never thought I would be on Hopi Land during this walk. When we were at the kiva dance, I looked up to the sky nation and it appeared that the sky was being filled and filled with so many stars. The stars were gathering and looking down at us like we were looking down into the kiva. They were all so pleased and happy!!! ... It was a powerful experience!!!

Lonetta Lollar
Matfield Green, Kansas

More seeds have been planted. Something quiet, deeply rooted, and profound is being held in prayer. As I plant my garden this year, I will be doing it with intent and prayer... So much unknown and yet to unfold from this journey. Sometimes feeling a bit wobbly; other times clear and focused... Always delighted when poems arise from the experiences... I have profound gratitude for your journey and vision, the woven container you create and the rooted wisdom you bring.

Janet Harvey
Asheville, North Carolina

It has deepened my commitment to live from my heart, stay and maintain my connection with the earth, and opened a new awareness... I continue to bathe in the visions that I hold in my heart of the sacred sites we visited... It was my first opportunity to be with people following their indigenous ways for an extended amount of time, which was a joy and honor... I am deeply grateful to you for providing this opportunity to bring us into the ancient world of indigenous people. Their ways enrich my life, bringing more meaning, and sacredness on a daily basis.

Honey Levin
Phoenix, Arizona

Every single moment was perfect. I know this is a very broad statement, but having the perspective of what, why and who came together. It was, and IS, perfect. The whole process is very inspiring and gives me more clarity of my role of service... This trip also allowed me to refine how I see myself contributing in the larger scheme of things. I'm starting to work on my new website, and the AZ trip took me further down the path regarding content — what I 'do'. ... Thank you again, Carla, for your strength and determination.

Gina Thomas
Venetta, Oregon

I really want to thank you for making the Hopi trip possible. I have been to the Hopi reservation many times, but I have never had the privilege of seeing the petroglyphs or meeting so many fascinating Hopi people. I not only have learned much more than I knew, but I have been very moved by the understandings of world issues by the Hopi leaders you introduced us to. My respect for the Hopi people and their traditions continues to grow with the new information I learned on this trip.

There is a certain quality of the energy on the mesas that gives one the experience of being on truly sacred ground. I had forgotten how powerful this experience can be until this trip. The experience was one I could never forget. Thank you again for making this possible for all of us.

Liz Anderson
Prescott, Arizona

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