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Spiritual Travel to Hopi:
Sacred Guardians of the World

March 15-21, 2017
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Going Home painting

March 15:
Arrive Tuba City. Meet Carla Woody at our lodging located at Moenkopi Legacy Inn for our opening circle at 5 p.m. to frame the intent of our journey. Settle into accommodations.
March 16:
Early morning departure to the eastern plateau of the Grand Canyon to a site known as Dawaohvi, the Sun's Point, where an ancient trail, used by Hopi ancestors for spiritual practices and food gathering, leads in and out of the canyon. Here we first experience the lifeways of the Hopi people and prayer for a prosperous and healthful life, the same offered for thousands of years. On our return to Tuba City we visit dinosaur trackways and Newspaper Rock with petroglyphs dating back 2000 years. Lunch provided. Overnight Tuba City.
March 17:
Morning provides time to peruse the Tuba City flea market where Hopi and Navajo vendors alike offer pottery, herbal remedies and other treasures. In the afternoon we take in the breathtaking formations of Coal Mine Canyon, hoodoos and pay respects to the spirits said to live there. Overnight Tuba City.
March 18:
This morning offers demonstrations and hands-on opportunities of such traditional Hopi lifeways as spinning, piki making and parched corn preparation. We are invited into the Moenkopi home of Charlene and Harold Joseph. Charlene honors us with a visit to her ancestral home in the old village of Moenkopi where she shares a poignant, little-told story that has its beginnings many generations ago still having affect today. We begin to understand the true meaning of place connected to spiritual identity. After dark we attend the Katsina Night Dance in one or more villages and witness these spirit beings as they work among their people with prayers. Traditional dinner provided. Overnight Second Mesa.
March 19:
After late Night Dances, this morning is for rest and free time. In the afternoon we spend time in hidden Tawaa Park, a well-preserved site with extensive petroglyphs, where we learn the rich meaning they play in Hopi cosmology, history and present-day traditions shared through storytelling with Charlene and Harold Joseph and immersion practices offered by Carla Woody. Traditional dinner provided. Overnight Second Mesa.
March 20:
We explore the ancient villages Old Oraibi and Walpi, with visits to Hopi artists, learning of the symbolism used in traditional art and wares. Free afternoon time to shop. Overnight Second Mesa.
March 21:
In the morning we have our closing circle, returning to Tuba City for the further journey homeward.
 Notes:Sky Harbor International Airport is the closest major airport to Hopi. Allow 3.75 hours from Phoenix to Tuba City.

We build flexibility into the schedule. Activities may be adjusted to accommodate the weather or for other reasons beneficial to the group, if required.

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