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Spirit Keepers Series
Fall 2011 - Winter 2012

Waiki Circle in Peru

Wachan, Martika and Shiqwarkenty

Eli PaintedCrow and Gregoria Molina


Advance discounted tickets for all events are available online or at Adventure Travel, 130 Grove Street, Prescott, Arizona. Limited tickets available at the door. See cost information.

In these times there are a number of indigenous peoples who are emissaries of their ancient and living traditions, acting as a bridge, straddling both worlds, uniting cultures. In the Quechua language of the Andes, a person who undertakes this sacred role is called a chakaruna. They help us remember what we already know.

The Chakaruna's Offering is an introductory talk on the sacred ways of the Spirit Keeper's people. These Saturday evening presentations are held 7-8:30 PM at the Smoki Museum Pueblo Room, 147 N. Arizona St, Prescott, Arizona. (Not a Smoki Museum event.)

The Spirit Keeper's Circle is a follow-on Sunday afternoon gathering led by the Spirit Keeper with more in-depth opportunities to experience the rituals, cosmology and practices that inform the spiritual consciousness of their native people. Circles are held 1-6 PM at the Creekside Center, 337 N. Rush Street, Prescott, Arizona.

Wachan, Martika and Shiqwarkenty
Wisdom Keepers of the Andes

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were performing brain surgeries and traveling along the universe...

September 24, 7-8:30 PM
The ChakarunaŐs Offering:
Ancient Healing Wisdom from the Andes

healing ceremonyJoin us and learn about the ancient healing arts of the Andes that Wachan, Martika and Shiqwarkenty thoroughly embody and practice today. These ways of magic are available to any of us if we choose to open to them. To learn more about Wachan, Martika and their teachings please go to: www.willkasara.com.

September 25, 1-6 PM
The Spirit Keepers Circle:
Sacred Inca Ways for Ritual Space

It is the time for ushering a sense of the sacred and balance into our lives. When we connect, understand and work with the powers of Mother Nature and high energy frequencies it produces the power to heal.

Join us in the Spirit KeeperŐs Circle for ceremony and learn how to:

  • Create a sacred place for your prayers;
  • Use power tools such as stones, rattles and feathers; and
  • Engage in an ancient ceremony of offerings for health, prosperity and abundance.

Now is the time of the Great Shift. Be part of the Circle.

healing ceremony Wachan Bajiyoperak spent most of his life in the sacred temples and high lands of the Peruvian Andes being initiated into the healing arts by his father Chunta Chullu, a high Inca priest. Spending most of his days in Sacsayhuaman, he received the wisdom and knowledge that exists in each stone that resides in this sacred guardian temple above Cuzco. Wachan was guided by the power of Mother Nature to open a pathway for healing through ceremony and other medicine ways of his Inca ancestorsŃstill very much alive to him

Martika Gomez has spirit memories from her lineage of the Tairona and Inca. She made a long pilgrimage into the high mountain communities of the Andes finding a connection with the Sacred Feminine held in the ancient cultures. As a gatherer of sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies, these traditional ways live inside her. She offers them to you.

Shiqwarkenty, the daughter of Martika and Wachan, was born in Laq'o Pura Killac, in the Temple of the Moon. Since the time she was born she has participated in all the sacred ceremonies that the elders had to offer. She practices the ancient ways in her daily life as a harawico, keeper of the sacred sound. Shiqwarkenty shares her loving heart and her ancient spirit.

Eli PaintedCrow and Gregoria Molina
Wisdom Keepers of the Yaqui Nation and Co-Founders of Turtle Women Rising

Turtle Women Rising logoWisdom is sometimes found in the challenges that the Universe brings before us to make us strong in the places where we are weak, and to remind us that we need each other to create change.

Eli PaintedCrow's stated belief drew her to co-found Turtle Women Rising, along with her aunt, Gregoria Molina, and other Indigenous women who stand for peace. They use the vibrational heartbeat of the drum to gather brothers and sisters to heal the four hoops of life: ourselves, our families, our communities, our Mother Earth. Since 2008 they have gathered annually for peace in Washington DC, drawing thousands of fellow Warriors, welcoming veterans and others. TWR is affiliated with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and has been recognized by Yoko Ono. In October 2011, they will gather in Mount Olympia, Washington.

November 12, 7-8:30 PM
The ChakarunaŐs Offering:
A Warrior's Spirit and the Path of Peace

Eli PaintedCrow weaves a story, both inspirational and heartbreaking, of her experience as a Native American soldier in the Iraqi War and the spiritual awakening that came through that time. Together with her aunt, Gregoria Molina, she will relate the true meaning of Warrior from the Yaqui tradition and her own spiritŐs healing journey as she made her way Home.

November 13, 1-6 PM
The Spirit Keepers Circle:
From our Hearts: Yaqui Practices to Inspire and Heal

In our circle we will be taught Yaqui ways for Spirit to speak to our hearts — ways to connect to all life without creating disagreements. Every living thing has a vibration, a heartbeat. This vibration has the power to heal, transform, raise consciousness to our minds, heal our hearts, activate our bodies, and feed us.

Eli PaintedCrowGregoria MolinaGregoria Molina
Eli PaintedCrowPeace GatheringGregoria Molina

Eli PaintedCrow, founder of Turtle Women Rising, holds a proud history from the Yaqui Nation and Mexica ancestry. She is the mother to two veteran sons and a grandmother of eight. She is an advocate for peace and returning soldiers. A 22-year Army veteran, her eyes were opened during her last tour of military service while in Iraq. Eli has committed to strategies that bring healing to the planet and its inhabitants with the knowledge our ancestors left us. Her concern for the future generations has inspired her to be their voice at this crucial time of our changing planet.

Gregoria Molina, an elder from the Yaqui Nation in southern Arizona, is recognized as the guide for drum ceremonies and holds standards for the actions of Turtle Women Rising in maintaining right action of respect, responsibility, and reciprocity of all participants. She is a leader and teacher of traditions in spirituality of Indigenous ways.

Traditional Universal Healer and Member, International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

As a seer, what I do is first go into prayer and ask for permission to "look" at someone. I simply close my eyes and instead of seeing a physical body, I see the outline of a body. Through a dance of color, I see movement and know what is going on with the body. That's how I first see it. Then I proceed to go and do the healing by an experiential process of merging, doing so through a prayer. — Flordemayo

February 25, 2012, 7-8:30 PM
The ChakarunaŐs Offering:
Dreams, Visions and Stories of the Invisible Realms

My stories are personal visions and dream experiences through the cycles of my life. I am now in the 4th cycle of my life and the stories that I wish to share are the experiences where I was profoundly changed. I have been guided by the Invisible Beings to bring these experiences, visions and stories to the people to help the people see their own path and further their personal walk as a Universal Being of Love and Light.
— Flordemayo

February 26, 2012, 1-6 PM
The Spirit Keepers Circle:
Living the Heart-Centered Dream

Individually and Collectively we live at a time when the stories we tell each other and the dreams and the visions we share, can help us to "Bring a New Way" to humanity. In this ceremony and teaching, I hope to inspire you to walk in ways that are authentic to who you are and ways that reflect the heart centered ways that guided the stories, visions and dreams of our ancestors. — Flordemayo

FlordemayoFlordemayo was born in the highlands of Central America, and is the youngest of 15 children. She grew up in a family of traditional healers, and at an early age, like others in her family, she was found to have the gift of Sight. When she was 4 years old, Flordemayo began learning the art of curanderismo in the traditional way: taught from mother to daughter, generation to generation.

Flordemayo's mother was a midwife and healer who taught her daughters in the use of herbs, women's medicine and how women are to honor and care for the Earth. Her mother's guidance, both practical and spiritual, have helped to form who Flordemayo is today: a Curandera Espiritu — a healer of divine spirit.

I don't consider myself a traditional person, but a universal person. Instead of abiding by rigid rules, I want to be free in my heart. — Flordemayo

In addition to her independent work as a featured speaker and woman of prayer at National and International Conferences, she is a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Flordemayo travels our beautiful Mother Earth to share her healing abilities, inspiring and fostering more spiritual understanding among people, so that all people may unite in a circle of prayer.

Flordemayo is deeply respected for her healing ability and wisdom. She is the founding Director and President of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, based in New Mexico, and has been recognized by The International Congress of Traditional Medicine as the recipient of the Martin de la Cruz Award for Alternative Healing.

Flordemayo's remedies, Spirit Medicine of the Grandmothers, are made using traditional herbs, prayers and ceremony. These remedies have been passed down to Flordemayo through oral tradition for many generations. Flordemayo's remedies are for every type of situation, designed to cleanse, heal, protect and promote spiritual growth.

In this time of movement, where celestial doors have opened, we must do what we have been asked to do. We are standing in the movement and the vibration of a sacred prophecy. The prophecy tells us that consciousness is preparing the spirit of the feminine, the spirit of the grandmothers. It is in the prophecy that we shall walk into the light, united from the four directions. — Flordemayo

To view information about past Spirit Keepers Series, visit the Spirit Keepers Series archives page.

Photos used with permission. All rights reserved.
Photos of Eli PaintedCrow and Gregoria Molina by Bill Sanda.


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The Chakaruna's Offering
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The Spirit Keeper's Circle
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Price at the door: $95 each circle

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