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Kenosis Spirit Keepers has the support of many people:

About the Mission

One World Wisdom by Carla Woody
This documentary film explores the compelling question: Is it time for some traditions to die...? The answers given reflect core values — a common thread running through Indigenous cultures. Written by Carla Woody and co-produced with Bradley Burak, this half-hour film examines the meaning of healing, community and sacred reciprocity toward global renewal. Features the traditions of the Hopi, Lacandón Maya and Quechua peoples. Approximately 26 minutes.

Message from the Founding President
Photo from the 2015 Peru/Bolivia Trip

Dear Friends,

I had long held a dream of bringing Indigenous peoples of different tribes together in ceremony and celebration. My intent was strengthened in Fall 2006 when Gayle Yábar, son of mystic Don Américo Yábar, visited the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to share traditions from his home in the Andes. Resulting from this experience, a Lakota man said he felt a sense of connection, less isolation, knowing there are other Native peoples keeping with tradition. What I heard between the lines was: Hope was instilled, perhaps restored.

Expression of spiritual identity is integrated into daily life for Indigenous peoples through art, folkloric traditions, ceremony, language, how food is grown, and more. Kenosis Spirit Keepers seeks to support these wisdom ways, build communities and educate the wider world of their value. Our first major community-building effort was building a school in the high altitude Q'ero village of Ccochamocco in the Cusco Region of Peru. Village spiritual leaders directly asked for this help to provide a place of learning for their children that also supported their traditional beliefs and sacred ways. It was completed in 2009. Other community-building support evolved from there, now in four countries.

It's no secret that most Native peoples are living in difficult situations. Many factors — including extreme poverty and the most detrimental aspects of western ways — are extracting ancient traditions that served to provide a foundational sense of connection and place. I believe that, if it continues to happen, we all lose, including those who come after we are long gone.

As people of western culture experience such learning opportunities, the ancient wisdom becomes a part of them. They, too, become Spirit Keepers, carriers of the sacred knowledge, and it informs the decisions they make upon returning home. The more who are exposed to these truths, the more influence those important values will have. And we all may remember who we are at the core — and live with respect toward each other... and the planet.

If you believe in this powerful vision of renewal, I ask you to entrain to our intent and support these programs.

Holding all blessings,

Carla Woody
Founding President


Carla Woody has been involved with the teachings of the Andes since 1994 and credits Peruvian spiritual teacher Don Américo Yábar with opening the door to that deeper world. Her respect for the value of Indigenous traditions led her to develop relationships over more than twenty years with spiritual leaders and healers of the Q'ero, Maya and Hopi Nations who serve their home communities.

In 2000 Carla began sponsoring annual spiritual travel programs to Peru through her organization, Kenosis LLC, for those who seek spiritual connection and an opportunity for personal clarity and direction in their lives. Regular programs in Maya Land followed in 2007 and on Hopi in 2013 once the Hopi Tribe made it possible.

Programs seek to help preserve traditions through a show of respect, giving back to communities, and supporting connections between Indigenous peoples. To this point, funding in these efforts has come through the spiritual travel programs and private donations.

The creation of a nonprofit organization supports larger fundraising efforts and expansion of programs beyond the capability of Kenosis LLC to support these activities. Kenosis Spirit Keepers was incorporated on October 1, 2007 as a volunteer-run grassroots organization, the nonprofit extension of Kenosis. The Board of Directors is comprised of people who believe in the value of our mission and demonstrate so in their daily lives.

Board of Directors

Carla Woody
Founding President
Prescott, Arizona

Oakley Gordon
Vice President
Salt Lake City, Utah

Kimberly Ewing
Prescott Valley, Arizona

Ruth Harrison
Prescott, Arizona

Gina Thomas
Veneta, Oregon

Mike Weddle
Avilton, Maryland

Advisory Board

Charlene Joseph
Indigenous Cultural Educator
Moencopi, Arizona, USA

Harold Joseph
Indigenous Cultural Educator
Shungopovi, Second Mesa, Arizona

Carol Karasik
Writer and Researcher on Maya Culture
Palenque, Mexico and Washington DC, USA

Gerald Lomaventema
Indigenous Cultural Educator
Shungopovi, Second Mesa, Arizona

Apab'yan Tew
Maya Daykeeper and Spiritual Leader
Mexico City, Mexico

Kinship Circle

A circle unites in nature or by vision to hold a common intent. The elements along the perimeter act on each other in such a way that energy intensifies — and the organism flourishes through the strength of the circle. By direct collaboration or other supporting relationships, the organizations shown below are integral elements within our kinship circle.

The Path Logo
The Path was established to build an underground Native seed vault to become, not only a place of protection for endangered seeds used in healing and traditional agriculture, but a place of prayer and teaching of sacred ways. This work grew out of a sacred vision received by Flordemayo, a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Its importance was reinforced by the Grandmothers and Quechua plant geneticist Emigdio Ballon.

Heart Walk Foundation Logo
Heart Walk Foundation supports the preservation of native cultures and traditional community living. By assisting in creating sustainability in Native communities that can serve as living models, we can learn wholeness, balance, and harmony.

Native Seeds/SEARCH Logo
Native Seeds/SEARCH conserves, distributes and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. We promote the use of these ancient crops and their wild relatives by gathering, safeguarding, and distributing their seeds to farming and gardening communities. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Tucson, Arizona.

Willka Yachay Logo
Willka Yachay is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping indigenous communities thrive in the modern world. They are empowering the next generation of the indigenous Q'eros Nation of Peru to become leaders who elevate their standard of living, guide their community toward sustainable modernity and revitalize their cultural identity.

Great Plains Earth Institute Logo
The mission of Great Plains Earth Institute is to provide experiences to educate and inspire individuals to connect deeply to the Earth and to their own spiritual nature such that we all are working together to heal the sense of separateness and disconnectedness between us and all other life. The institute facilitates educational outreach in the Wichita, Kansas area with regard to programs focusing on environmental, spiritual growth and spiritual ecology issues, and honor all expressions of the Divine.

Galería MUY Logo
The Galería MUY is located in the historical center of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. The mission of the MUY is to give exposure to contemporary art of Indigenous artists of Chiapas. There they offer paintings, photography and multimedia works showing cultural roots, political statements, the relationship with Mother Earth and spiritual life. The MUY publishes art books and prints, and also sponsors traveling exhibits to the Tzotzil, Tzeltal and Zoque communities of Chiapas.

Kinship Ambassadors

Our mission thrives through those who believe in it and have taken an active role in widening the effect. We wish to acknowledge these individuals who have consistently supported the work of Kenosis Spirit Keepers through spreading the word, sponsoring events in their area and/or donating much needed funding. What they do matters greatly.

  • Mozella Ademiluyi
  • Kelsey Collins
  • Dima Dashevsky
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Doug Easterling and Lucinda Brogden
  • Rhonda Hamilton, LMT
  • Janet Harvey
  • Dee Keshner
  • Honey Levin
  • Lonetta Lollar
  • Karen Marchetti: Life Story
  • Diane Grupe Marshall
  • Linda Sohner
  • Pam Hale Trachta: Through A Different Lens
  • Nancy Van der Voort
  • Terry Waters
  • Kelly Weadick

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