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Spiritual Travel to Peru
The Heart of the Andes

September 2-12, 2018
An Intimate Journey Honoring the Eagle and Condor Prophecy

South American cross photo

Co-sponsored by Kenosis
and Kenosis Spirit Keepers.
A portion of tuition is tax-deductible.

Inca God Wiracocha

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You are invited to step outside time and enter a deeper reality! Experience magic in the traditions, people and lands of Peru through conscious living teacher Carla Woody, as we bring together esteemed Wisdom Keepers of the Americas. It is a deep honor to sit in circle, engage in ceremony, touch the elemental spirits and learn through immersion in the sacred ways of the peoples of the eagle and condor.

See Complete Itinerary of the 2018 Program.

Join with us as we travel to power places the average visitor never sees and enter the world of Native healing and spirituality. Set your intent to connect with the Cosmos... the Pachamama... with the spirits of the mountains... the rivers... with the light of the stars... then bring these energies home to inform your everyday life.

Peru Ausangate photo

Our journey takes us to ancient sacred sites of the Incas and Pre-Incas in Peru as we enter into a relationship with the land and its inherent energy. We explore hidden areas in the Cusco Region — sacred sites, natural and human-made, some known only to the Native people who frequent them. We lay down our prayers through sacred ritual and meditation to discover what is resident there.

It is a privilege to sponsor a special program focusing on sacred traditions linking the peoples of the Andes and the rainforest. We offer you an intimate opportunity, unlikely to be found on your own, engaging with spiritual leaders and healers who serve their people — with the intent that we are all transformed and carry the beauty home.

We begin in areas outside Cusco where we first experience ayni — sacred reciprocity — with the Pachamama, mountains, moon, sun, stars, and all beings... the very essence that holds the world together. Through teachings, rituals and prayers we engage beyond the material plane and explore other dimensions of ourselves. Quechua and Q'ero paq'os — traditional Wisdom Keepers and mystics — guide us to encounter learnings that usher us into the world of the Andes, an alternate reality of life-affirming choices. Experience the presence of the Apus?mountain spirits?and directly receive their guidance. Then encounter condors, representatives of the Upper World, in their natural habitat riding the air currents in front of us.

Transitioning through the Cloud Forest, we float down the Alto Madre de Dios — High Mother of God — deep into the rainforest to the pristine, wild surroundings of Manu Biosphere Reserve. There we come to engage with Huachipaeri-Matsigenga ceremonial teachings and medicine ways of the jungle. All while the beauty of Nature supports us toward the culmination of our journey: integration and re-entry home. Such intimate connections open the heart and never leave us.


Sponsored Guests

Since 2007 Indigenous Spirit Keepers of the Americas have been traveling with us during our spiritual travel programs in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico and the US. These sponsorships are funded through your tuition and private donations.

For the 2017 Heart of the Andes program we are inviting four Q'ero paq'os to join us in Manu to share overlapping traditions.

The 2018 Heart of the Andes sponsored Native American guest is yet to be determined.

My relationship with Q'ero paqo's began in 1996 with my first trip to Peru working with spiritual teacher Don Amˇrico Y‡bar. Even though Q'ero friends and I don't speak the same tongue, over the years the language of the heart has prevailed. We've shared ceremonies, and Q'ero spiritual leaders often travel with us — something so special. Through the generosity of donors, Kenosis Spirit Keepers has continued to help support the wellbeing of the community. And our visits to the village of Ccochamocco create an even stronger bond with these beautiful people, holders of their fragile traditions.
                                                                   — Carla Woody

This is a journey of ayni — sacred reciprocity. We will sit in ceremony of all these traditions, become an allyu — spiritual community — honoring all that sustains the planet and our own wellbeing. We come together with blessings, prayers and share the daily activities of all pilgrims.

For details on tuition, go here.



Contact us at 928-778-1058 or info@kenosisspiritkeepers.org for more information.

Carla Woody photoCarla Woody, MA, CHT... author of Portals to the Vision Serpent, Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home, plus numerous articles on spirituality and advocacy of Native traditions. She has been mentoring people for more than twenty years. In 1999, Carla established Kenosis LLC to support human potential through spiritual travel journeys with Indigenous leaders, and programs integrating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and world mythologies. Carla credits Peruvian mystic Don Américo Yábar with introducing her to the teachings of the Andes in 1994 where she has remained immersed. She has many years' direct experience with the Quechua and Q'ero people of Peru, the Maya people of Mexico and Guatemala, and the Hopi people of northern Arizona, as well other Native peoples. Carla founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in 2007 to help preserve Indigenous wisdom ways threatened with decimation.

The Q'ero are known as the Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge and call themselves the children of Inkari, the first Inka. They live in isolation at 14,000 feet in the Andes, as they have for hundreds of years after the conquistadors came, preserving their ancient mystical traditions. They are one of the most untouched by Western culture of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. From them we learn about pachacuti — stepping outside of time — and living in ayni, sacred reciprocity. The Q'ero mystics who are to accompany us on this pilgrimage will be chosen by their community.

Don Alberto Manqueriapa photo Don Alberto Manqueriapa is a Huachipaeri-Matsigenga spiritual leader and healer living in the small Native community, Santa Rosa de Huacaria in the high jungle of Manu, who teaches what his grandfathers and grandmothers taught him. In childhood he was initiated into the ways of his ancient lineage and learned to convey the voice and spirits of the rainforest, and how to heal with Nature. He is an advocate for preservation of spiritual identity and conservation of the jungle, traveling Peru to assist tribal people retain their Earth-centered wisdom.

Doña Vilma Pinedo photo Doña Vilma Pinedo was born into a long lineage of respected Quechua paqo's on both her mother's and father's side. She was marked for that destiny herself when her mother was struck by lightning while pregnant with Vilma. She grew up surrounded by Masters; she was their apprentice. At the age of 12 she formally took the path of the healer and considers the Condor, spirit of the Upper World, her protector. Dispensing guidance through dreams, divination from Mama Coca and ritual, she seeks to heal and raise awareness. Doña Vilma is greatly respected as a healer with heart, unusual for one still young. Such acknowledgement brought her an invitation to accompany the Dalai Lama on his journey to Machu Picchu.


Registration discount $3395 until June 4. After June 4: $3495. Cost includes an automatic donation (tax-deductible for US taxpayers) of $500 toward Kenosis Spirit Keepers programs to preserve Indigenous traditions.

Please note: Kenosis LLC is a philanthropic organization that limits normal profits in order to fundraise for Kenosis Spirit Keepers, its nonprofit extension. The tax-deductible donation is passed to you so that you become an integral part of this important work. No additional funds have been added to your tuition costs. See Other Information below.

Tuition includes: All work with Carla Woody and other named spiritual guides and ceremonies. Lodging over 11 nights in double rooms: 7 nights in Cusco and 4 nights in Manu. Meals as follows: In Cusco, all breakfasts, 4 lunches, 1 dinner, and all meals in Manu. All transportation during formal group times, translation services and any entrance fees.

Single supplement for Cusco lodging, if available: $420 USD. Not available in Manu.

Tuition does not include airfare to or from Cusco, Peru. Neither does it include travel insurance (minimum emergency medical/evacuation required), beverages, snacks, meals not mentioned above, tips, or personal expenses incurred at lodging or elsewhere.

Also includes a pre- or post-trip Lifepath Design session — complimentary — with Carla Woody regarding intent or re-entry. Participants of spiritual travel programs are offered a special discount for the mentoring program Navigating Your Lifepath. This deep discount is not available to others but offered as an add-on to further support integration of the spiritual travel journey.

For complete details, contact us. Detailed logistics document sent upon registration. MC/Visa accepted via PayPal here.

Important to Note: We do not go to the tourist sites of Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley, but reserve our programs for those harder to reach, often quite hidden, places. We seek to offer experiences that are unlikely you would have elsewhere.

Optional individual travel arrangements to Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley after the formal offering are quite easy to arrange and inexpensive for you to travel there on your own. Many tour companies operate out of Cusco or are available online.

Deposit: Non-refundable deposit of $500 made out to Kenosis LLC to hold your place.Remainder due in full by June 24, 2018. Send final payment in two checks or money orders as follows: one check for $675 made out to Kenosis Spirit Keepers (as included tax-deductible donation) and the remaining registration amount to Kenosis LLC. Mail both to: Kenosis, PO Box 10441, Prescott, AZ 86304. To pay by credit card or PayPal go here.
Cancellation: Up to 90 days prior to the trip start, full refund (less non-refundable deposit). Between 89-70 days prior: 50% (less non-refundable deposit). Less than 70 days: no refund. We suggest travelers obtain travel insurance that covers trip cancellation for any reason.
Other Information: We believe in ayni, the sacred sense of reciprocity practiced in the Andes. Your tuition includes a financial contribution to support the welfare of the Quechua and Q'ero people with whom we engage, as well as other Native traditions.

For this year's Peru program, your donation goes to support:
  • Sponsorship of four Q'eros from the village of Ccochamocco and one Native North American to travel on this program and support spiritual renewal and relationship-building. For more on Spirit Keepers Journeys, go here.

CALL 928-778-1058 OR EMAIL info@kenosisspiritkeepers.org TO REGISTER!

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