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Young Adult Scholarship

Travelers' Stories

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Going on the Kenosis trip to Peru put me in touch with this saying in a very deep, transformational, and unforgettable way. The profound lessons I experienced on how to "be the change" revolved around the intent I had at the beginning of the journey... A sense of integrity in who I am and what I do has blossomed in my soul, deepening my commitment to creating a better place for all beings... The splendor of Peru and the incomparable teachings, guidance, support, and friendship from the group and its facilitators have infused magic, wonder, truth, and love into the very atoms of my being. For that, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for the truly wonderful experience of this spiritual adventure...

... The most important change that happened was the deconstruction of my socialized conditioning, limitations based on fear, and self-imposed doubts, those things that steal away crucial energy and attention... In breaking the barriers and exposing the illusions, I was truly blessed to be in good company, surrounded by compassionate, wise souls that were like my spiritual family. They helped me to remember what I already knew, gave me kind, loving support when I felt lost and scared, helped me to laugh riotously and shake loose the musty blanket of insecurity, confided their most heart-breaking feelings and thoughts while exposing their most tender vulnerabilities, and in doing so, showed me what real courage is. Without them, I surely would not have been able to process so much in such a short amount of time. The enormous meaning of such a gift is inexpressible, coming from a place that is beyond words, beyond reason, but as vital as the breath. I take with me a renewed sense of my true self, an expanded belief of what I am capable of, a hunger to live wild and free, and a stronger devotion to follow my bliss... I have learned of the delight that comes from being in community, and that there is significance in every moment.

Rissa Steifel
San Francisco, CA

The scholarship provided to me by Kenosis, allowed me the opportunity to take part on an adventure in Peru that will stay with me forever. The trip itself was life-changing and helped me to learn more about myself as well as others. I got to travel with about fifteen other people, of various ages, who not only traveled together, but worked together to form many life-long relationships.

The trip for me came at an opportune time. Having just graduated from college, it was my first summer in the "real world". The time in Peru allowed me to step back and really take in all that was around me and the many challenges I face every day back home. I was able to see my life from many different perspectives.

Upon return to the States I realized how blessed I was to have taken part in such an amazing adventure. The experience is different for everyone but rewarding for each individual, no doubt. I am certain I will go back to visit Peru again some day. This was my first trip to South America and is not only unforgettable, but in many ways, extremely unique.

Laura Hartstone
Flagstaff, Arizona

What a gift! The chance to travel to another country at this point in my life, to be exposed to a beautiful culture and have my eyes opened to the world is an incredible gift all in itself. And to take this journey with such amazing people and do such amazing work with the heart and spirit, remains unparalleled. Who does that? Who gets to go and hang out in Peru? I am truly blessed and solid in that knowing because of this experience. Parts of myself have been opened as a result of the work that has and will continue to make my life more fulfilled, and I have the opportunity to carry that with me and share it with those close to me, and I do remember, and I will remember. An incredible gift was given to me, and I remain ever grateful to the ones who allowed me the chance of a lifetime.

Kelly Sinclair
San Diego, CA

... my time in Peru presented a beautiful window through which I could see myself and others. We all experience moments of clarity in which aspects of the life we create for ourselves snap into perspective and reveal themselves in new ways. The laughter, camaraderie, and sincerity of those that facilitated and shared in this trip helped me to extend that moment. I was able to focus on cultivating the strength and direction I need to live from that space all the time. That is my heart's desire. I have no doubt our journey yielded different gifts for different individuals based on their own dreams. The opportunity to do this work in a place like Peru can not be overstated. The natural beauty and history of the region provided the ultimate backdrop for fun, reflection and more fun. Don Américo's open heart and welcoming nature invited heartfelt discussions and meaningful exchanges while gently reminding us never to take ourselves too seriously. Most importantly, the friendships that grew from this trip will be with me the rest of my life.

Haley Hyatt
Prescott, AZ

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